Sunday, October 15, 2006

John Update
Here he is enjoying some quality time with Jonny Vriesman.
He's having red-eye issues in this picture but I think he looks so grown up!!! I am loving this stage so much!

Quality time with Grandma Bert. Isn't she beautiful?!!!

My parents were out for a visit a few weeks ago. It was so wonderful to have them in our home. We are so blessed.

Friday, October 06, 2006


What makes a 9 month old child decide that 3:45 am is an excellent time to wake up and play? And why does it take until 5:15 to convince him that no, night time is not for playing? So now he is asleep and I am semi-wide awake. It's too late now to go back to bed without some guilt. But too early to actually feel good about being up.
And now I'm complaining.
I'm also helping to lead a ladies Bible study. This week's topic was on being content and not complaining...
How annoying.
So here is my moment to shine.
Do I keep whining about my nocturnal child or do I roll with the punches?
I'll let you know what I decide later.