Monday, May 29, 2006

So it's been awhile since I've written. I think I've been in too many projects. Yarn projects, jewelry projects, books, child-rearing, and other various creative ventures. It's fun to have so much going but sometimes it makes my head spin.
We had a great time at Matthew and Jodi's wedding in Georgia. Georgia is a wonderful state and the wedding was beautiful. It was a 14 hour drive to get to Atlanta and we all drove together! That's Mark, Stacy, Emma, Madelynn, Brayden, Jacob, Gary, Kathy, Chris, John and I in two vehicles. Praise the Lord for portable DVD players! We had a great trip and arrived home tired but still on speaking terms.
Today is Memorial Day and I am enjoying some time with family. It's bright and sunny (so why am I inside on the computer?) and Chris has the day off! Here are some new pictures of John.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Where have we been?

This is the month for road trips. I just got back Friday and we are leaving today for Matthew and Jodi's wedding in Atlanta.
John and I loaded up last Wednesday with friends Andrea and Noah for an adventure to Ohio. We were visiting Andrea's Mother-in-Law Joyce and my Mom at Joyce's cottage. Joyce has been one of Mom's dearest friends for many years.
The cottage was cozy and had a great view of the lake. It was wonderful to wake up in the morning to see the steam rising off the lake and hear the many, many birds that Joyce feeds. We did girly things like paint our toes and watch Jane Austen movies. We also played some yard games and I schooled Joyce in a round of Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit (I'm such a nerd). But much of our time was spent playing with our boys. The grandmothers loved the chance to get to know our little men better. I think John is in love with his Grandma Bert. (isn't she beautiful!!?) He especially loved all the faces and noises she makes. (Ask her to do her mourning dove impersonation next time you see her, it's impressive).
I loved the time I got with my Mom. I always enjoy being with her but the moments somehow seemed more precious this time. Mom is a great listener, and I certianly made use of that on this trip. She has a way of listening to your words but hearing your heart. She knows me so well.
It is a beautiful thing to have a mother I can trust with my inner world.
I find as a grow older that I have a lot of my Mom in me. Some women cringe at that thought but I take pride in it (pride, hopefully in the good sense). My mom is an incredible woman, and I want to be like her. I would especially like to inherit her skin since she looks 32 at age 51. :)
I came home from my trip refreshed in spirit from the love and prayers of my mother. She still has the ability to kiss my boo-boo's and make them feel better.