Saturday, February 07, 2009

Spring at the Gardens

I am so grateful that we have a membership at the local botanical gardens.
This time of year I need some extra green and floral in my life. And all the floral fabric I am trying to surround myself with just doesn't cut it.
So I woke up the other day and knew that it was a garden day. I called my friend Amy who also has a membership and we made a date of it.
I love all these pictures because my lens was fogging up and it adds such a cool look to my usual mediocre pictures.
This is John with Amy's oldest, Samantha. Aren't they cute! They were walking all over holding hands and looking at things together. Sammy is one of John's favorite people.
John's hair was curling up because of the humidity. I had to get a shot of it. I am in the mood to chop it off so he looks like a normal boy. He is the only one in the house who gets his hair brushed daily. But then I see pictures like this and I can't bring myself to cut it!Check Spelling


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