Friday, May 01, 2009

"Chris Brewer is Amazing!!!"

"Happy Mother's Day to me!!!"

Chris surprised me today with these portraits of the boys.
I was so moved when he gave them to me. They are so lovely.
The amount of detail is amazing but these pictures don't do them justice.
I love that John has his long hair in his portrait.
The artist really captured the curls from this picture.

Sam's expression came through so well. I can see it especially in his eyes and lips.
I can't find the picture the artist was using so you'll have to trust me...the likeness is amazing.
Chris is so thoughtful and I am grateful to have such a giving and creative husband. This gift is such a treasure!

A year later...

The quilt is finished!
I had a lot of fun sewing this together and I'm really happy with the front side.
The back was a little trickier since my creative ambitions exceed my sewing abilities...
But all in all I am happy with my latest project.
I have already enjoyed moments snuggling with my boys (Chris included) under this quilt and I hope there are many more of those moments to come!