Thursday, June 12, 2008

When they're asleep...

...this is what I've been up to.
There are some amazing blogs out there of women who are incredibly talented at crafting and photography...this is not one of those blogs. I love to make things but the pictures I take of them are not artistic. They merely serve the purpose of getting the information across. "I made this and this is what it looks like."
That is part of what I've been making in my seven month absence from the blog.
This is a mobile I made for our living room last fall. I had been dreaming of a mobile for years but could never get the design down. Then one day it all came together and here it is. It has survived multiple attacks from John but sadly one of the birds is now without wings.
I made this purse for my sister for Christmas. The pattern also came from Amy Karol's "Bend the Rules Sewing". If you are scared of sewing but want to try it, buy this book. It's excellent! I enjoyed making this purse and had a hard time giving it away.
I have been working on a quilt for John for the past few months. He has moved to his "big boy bed" recently and needs something snugly to sleep with. It was fun to pick out the fabrics and piece them all together. Machine quilting it however was not so fun. It definitely is going to look like a first quilt but most people have the sense to not try a twin sized quilt for their first time. I need to trim it and bind it and then I can start on Sam's matching one...someday.

I also enjoy working with paper but I never know what to call my creations. I love making cards but I also like to write out verses of Scripture or quotes and put them in a collage of sorts. Is that what it is? A collage? I'll go with that from now on.
This first one is a quote from "Lord of the Rings" that a friend of mine liked. The paper I used is from "Basic Grey". I love all their stuff and have a hard time cutting into it. I wish they made fabric with these prints!
This is my favorite verse, Philippians 4:8. I have to be so careful of where I am dwelling. Often I get stuck on the wrong things. (warning! soapbox ahead!) I always thought this verse was talking about thinking dirty thoughts ((gasp!)) and was mostly for boys. (since they're the only ones who think dirty thoughts right?!) :)
But I've found that this verse means so much more. It addresses worry and gossip and negativity and a host of other things. What we dwell on is so vital to our mental and emotional state of being. God has given us so much good to dwell on but so often we choose what isn't true (lies we are believing or things that haven't even happened yet (worry)). I keep this verse on my fridge where I can see it at all times because I often have to catch myself dwelling on other things than what is true.
I'm off my soapbox.
In keeping with my little old lady tendancies I have taken up embroidery! I think once you start to quilt, embroidery is not very far off. I have grand plans for a quilt for the family room and it involves a lot of embroidery. So I downloaded some patterns and went to it. It's really relaxing and full of immediate gratification which I am a big fan of.
I'm so glad that God has given us the ability to create. It's so enjoyable and fulfilling for me. Thanks for looking!


At 8:46 PM, Blogger David, Laura and Arianna Siegrist said...

rachel, you are so inspiring! i LOVE how you share your crafts on your blog. i've been thinking about starting a blog devoted just to my crafts. i crochet mostly, but sometimes branch out to other things. i love the quilt and the mobile! where did you get the idea for the mobile? please keep posting pics! and if you have some favorite online patterns, you should post some links. i'd definitely use them!

At 10:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mobile caught my eye as well!
I like how many new things that you try!
You are a brave soul, artsy and brave which is a nice combo to have!

Love, JO


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